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DJ R.I.P started playing top 40 in the mid-eighties. Later on his main-styles were hip-hop then oldschool techno and hardcore house.

Nowadays he plays techhouse, deephouse, tribal, techno, trance and progressive, classics and oldschool.

The places where he played are:

Sexy Dirty Disco in the Thalia, Rotterdam (10-7-2010)
The Rotterdam Stage on Nature One Camping platz (28 – 31 july 2010)
Grand Villa Live Café, every streaming live video streaming from location (2011)
In different popup stores / galleries (2011)
Grillo Cubano in Bootleg DJ café (19-8-2011)
Resident Hostel Room in Rotterdam (2011)
Voetbal als Medicijn at Lloyd Multiplein Rotterdam (31-3-2012)
E.K. Party at B.V.R.S. in Rotterdam (13+17 June 2012)
Resident club Lumey in Brielle (2012)
Resident Walk on the Wild Side afterparty in club Miramar, Rotterdam (2012)
Casino Royal in Voorthuizen (21-7-2012)
Tropical Beach Party on tour in Voorthuizen (4-8-2012)
Resident Where is The Afterparty in club Laxx (2012)
Resident After 6 afterparty in club Laxx (2013)
Get Twisted in club Laxx (25-1-2013)
Resident House Vibrations in club De Kade in Spijkenisse (2013)
A2B meets The Rotterdam Stage in club Laxx (22-3-2013)
Olskool in Rotjeknor in club Laxx (6-4-2013)
L.A.F. – The House Edition in The Gay-Palace in Rotterdam (26-4-2013)
4 DJ’s in The Boot (11-5-2013)
Resident Oldskool in Spijkcity – Y-Land Spijkenisse (2013)
Y-Land of Dance 2 (18-5-2013)
Myst 1.0 in Y-Land Spijkenisse (25-5-2013)
Myst 1.5 (Official afterparty Myst 1.0) in club Laxx Rotterdam (26-5-2013)
‘Oldschool Hardcore – Dj Cyonara vs Plukkies B – Day Bash !’ in de Gouden Leeuw Heenvliet (8-6-2013)
Only Oldschool in Y-Land Spijkenisse (14-6-2013)
Kinky Summer Heat in Y-Land Spijkenisse (13-7-2013)
Old School Rave in Y-Land Spijkenisse (16-8-2013)
Remco Rovers Birthday Bash (24-8-2013)
Voetbal als Medicijn op Lloyd Multiplein Rotterdam (17-9-2013)
DJ R.I.P’s Birthday Bash – The Oldschool Edition in Y-Land Spijkenisse (20-9-2013)
DJ R.I.P’s Birthday Bash – The House Edition in Club Laxx Rotterdam (21-9-2013)
House Classics in Y-Land Spijkenisse (27-9-2013)