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  • The player on the website can't be used on public WIFI (hospitals) here we have the link you can use.
  • Now login is based in the normal menu. This is used for the chatroom and the mailinglist. You can login/register with your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+ account. But you can use another login and username.
  • When a liveshow starts/stops, the steam stops playing. Just reload the website to get it playing again. Or press the pause button in the player and then on play again.
  • I have removed the mobile app from the page because it isn't working anymore.
  • We have added a new feature. You can now fill in a mix request. If we have it on the server it will be played after the mix that is playing. It will be played on the Old Shows Channel. It is still in test stage. Feel free to try it out.

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