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We are looking for DJ’s/showhosts who play all kinds of music, worldwide, so it doesn’t matter where you live. All the DJ’s/showhosts work from their own home studio or where ever they have a DJ set. We now have 8 different channels so we will put you on the most relevant channel.
Now is your chance to be heard by the big public, Send us a mix. And we will listen to it. If you are good enough for Pure Radio Holland then we send you an email back. There are 2 ways to do your show: Upload your recording to our server or broadcast live. You can only broadcast live if you have good internet. For being a part of our DJ community you need to pay 15 euros a month. But you can also earn money bringing DJ’s in: 2,50 euro a month per DJ. For that the DJ’s will also get free webhosting and email hosting.


For more info send an email to or send an email to one of our program managers.

Chatroom Operator

Do you like to chat with music minded people, then here is your chance. We are looking for chat operators, to keep the chatroom going with nice pictures, gifs and normal messages. You can work from your own home with your computer or mobile. We prefer chats in English, but other languages are also welcome, because we are broadcasting worldwide, 24/7 and we run 8 different channels. You can check it out on This job is on a voluntary basis or in the form of an internship!

For more info send an email to