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DJ R.I.P (Ricardo Pronk)

DJ R.I.P started Dj’íng at the the age of 14. At a party on his secondary school. The Glopper in Capelle a/d Ijssel. That was in the mid eighties. At that time he played the music from the Dutch Top 40. After that he played several times at his secondary schools, Elout MAVO and City College in Rotterdam.
In 1987/1988 he started to play hip hop and rap and did a lot of scratching, mostly in his own basement.
In 1990 DJ R.I.P. visited his first real (hip) house party, Orange Houseparty near Maritime Museum in Rotterdam. He thought that is it “House”.
In 1991 he organised his first own houseparty in Doelari, Rotterdam. Where he played also. In that same year he moved with his houseparty’s to Gouda Garenspinnerij. There he played the old techno. The second party overthere became more hardcore minded. He booked Holy Noise. That was a good move. There came over 1.000 people at that rave. The third party there was with The Euromasters, also well known in the hardcore scene.
After more then a year of party’s in Gouda he moved back to Rotterdam, The Hardcore Capital of the World. There he started his party’s in The Wild Side. He was the first in Rotterdam with afterparty’s mostly afterparty’s from the Energiehal.
After a while there came less people to the afterparty, so he quit with that. But he stayed in the Wild Side where he became resident DJ. But he did have to make a radical move in style again. He learned that very fast. At that time Dj R.I.P. started to play more mellow (garage etc.) and what you call now house classics, what was mostly played in Parkzicht.

In the mean time he started to become more professional in sound and light rentals and drive-in shows. Where he played more top 40, rock etc. With his drive-in show he came at almost all student society’s of Rotterdam. He played also at the Ikea in Delft and a lot of other businesses. To much name here.
In 2009 DJ R.I.P. started to organise party’s again. The first one was in august where he had his own stage, The Rotterdam Stage on the camping of Nature One., where he played different styles of housemusic: housclassics, oldschool, hardcore, techno, hardtechno, trance, eclectic and electro. And in October his Birthday Bash where he played more houseclassics and oldschool.
2010 was a good year for him he played in big clubs like Thalia Rotterdam and in Lexion Westzaan.